B corporations leading a new way of doing business in the Calgary Region

by • February 2, 2015 • Economy, Environment, Videos

By Matt Beauchamp, Content Contributor

It’s the choices we make now that will define our future in the Calgary Region.

From water, to transportation, to waste management, the decisions we make as policy makers and as a society dictates what our children’s future looks like.

There is a movement slowly taking route worldwide called B Corporations.

B corporations – or B Corps – are certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency – and all of it voluntarily.

B Corporations

B Corps in the Calgary Region


As B Corps gain momentum in the world’s marketplace, they are also taking hold in the Calgary Region.

We are lucky to boast many B Corp certified businesses and Creating Eudaimonia (CE) is one of them.

“Eudaimonia is a concept that was developed by Aristotle, it means genuine happiness or highest achievement. We have taken this term and applied it to business. It reflects our philosophy on the potential of business to create happiness, genuine wealth and achieve great things,” said Co-founder of Creating Eudaimonia, Rosalynn Dodd.

Dodd and her partner Houston Peschl created CE as a capacity-building organization in sustainable business strategies, social enterprise, impact investing and leadership skills.

Dodd says they work mainly with small and medium sized enterprises to develop measurable social, economic and environmental impact through innovative business model creation.

Becoming B Corp certified was a decision already routed in Dodd and Peschl’s way of life.

Houston and Rosalynn

Houston Peschl and Rosalynn Dodd

“The process really began with a commitment to a different way to do business. B Corporations live by the idea of being the change that you seek in the world and the notion that business has the ability to solve the world’s social and environmental problems,” said Dodd. “This is also a belief by which Houston and I live our lives and something that was very important to us as we set up the company. We not only wanted to create our own company to prove this possible but to help other corporations to do the same thing.”

The Future of B Corps 

While seeing a massive surge in B Corp certified companies in the Calgary Region would be great, Dodd recognizes that the certification process is rigorous; not every company can initially become certified.

“B Corporations live by the idea of being the change that you seek in the world and the notion that business has the ability to solve the world’s social & environmental problems”

She loves how the conversation shines light on businesses in the area and brings awareness to consumers.

“One of the things that I do love about the B Corp conversation is that it helps to bring consumers attention to what they are buying, where they are buying it from and who they are ultimately supporting with their purchases.”

“So while B Corp may not be the answer for every company or every consumer, I love that it can be a conversation starter about these topics and draws attention to companies that are operating in a different way,” said Dodd.

Dodd also feels policy changes could make a real difference in the future.

“Something that would be a great boost for B Corps would be procurement policies that give preference or at least recognition to B Corp certified vendors,” said Dodd. “For example, San Francisco extends bid preference to B Corporations on City contracts. Institutional policies like that would be a great to see here in the Calgary Region.”

For more information on B Corporations you can visit their website,

You can also take a free assessment here  to see if your business is ready to take on B Corp status.

Finally, CE will be launching a leadership & sustainability development program this summer.  They will be looking for some guinea pigs to complete some pilot projects with them – if there is anyone interested in partaking, they can reach them through their website.

Matt Beauchamp is a Calgary writer and owner of MRB Ink.


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