Pond hockey for a good cause at Cochrane’s Kimmett Cup

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By Jemma Young, Content Contributor

Need to get your fill of hockey this week-end? Or just looking for something different to see? Maybe even volunteer?

Why not check out the Kimmett Cup pond hockey tournament on January 16-17 in Cochrane. Reminisce about your childhood and support a good cause.

Read what happened at this year’s 2015 Kimmett Cup below.

In memory of Lindsay Kimmett

Kimmett Cup

It’s been a winter tradition in the Cochrane community for the past six years.

Founded in 2009, the Kimmett Cup pond hockey tournament was created to commemorate the life of Lindsay Kimmett who was fatally injured in a car accident just minutes from her family’s home in the town of Cochrane.

At the time, Lindsay was a second-year University of Calgary student studying medicine intending to dedicate her life to helping others.  Something she had already been doing locally and internationally for years through extensive volunteer work.

Known to many as a compassionate, competitive, positive, giving and inspiring person, Lindsay’s legacy lives on through the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation and the hockey tournament.  The Kimmett Cup was established by two of her closest friends (and university teammates), Joe MacLellan and Jason Baserman.

The seventh year event has grown both in size and success since its small beginnings.

The growth, Jason explains, can be explained by the outstanding support from the “exceptional people” in the Cochrane community; everyone from volunteers to local businesses to the municipal government.

From people that knew Lindsay well, to those that never met her but just want to help.

Supporting the local community

Kimmett Cup

In 2009, the goal of the inaugural Kimmett Cup was to raise $10,000.

After six years, the tournament has raised and donated over $650,000 to various charities. The Foundation also has used its $1.3 million to fund several local and international projects.

This year, the event organizers have partnered with The Children’s Wish Foundation and a local organization called Helping Families Handle Cancer.

The team has set an ambitious goal of raising $100,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation and another $20,000 specifically for the local group.

In order to accomplish this feat, the team has rallied the Cochrane community—once again.

Below are some ways people and businesses are contributing to the seventh annual Kimmett Cup:

  • Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre – provide indoor facility
  • United Church – donating baked goods
  • Lion’s Club – operating BBQ and bartending at the banquet
  • Town of Cochrane – help secure venue and maintain ice conditions
  • Remax – providing tents and canopies
  • ICS Group Inc. (local O&G company) – donating propane
  • Cochrane Toyota – marketing and promotion with truck decals
  • Mabbott & Company (Kimmett Cup Title Sponsor) – $2,500 donation
  • CTV – have covered event for the last 4 years
  • Tim Hortons –  supplying coffee and donuts to volunteers
  • Save on Foods – donating food to BBQ and banquet
  • Molson – donating beer to banquet
  • Mr. P. Potty – donating Comfort Elite Trailer (bathrooms)
  • Western Financial – Kimmett Cup Insurance
  • Pro H2O – donating water
  • Cochrane Eagle & Cochrane Times – donating advertising
  • SURE Print and Copy – donating printing (signs, brochures, programs)

Expecting more than 400 participants in this year’s tournament—an event milestone—the team understands the significance of each and every donation.  They attribute much of the event’s success to the community for its continued and fervent support.

 “You’ve heard the expression it takes a village to raise a child… well it takes a community to run this,” says Jason.

In addition to welcoming many newcomers, this year’s tournament seeks to outdo those prior.  This means greater food options, quality prizes and raffle items, superb quest speakers, and an even better banquet, led by Lindsay’s older brother and wife.

See the website for details and how to donate to the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation.


This year, the Kimmett Cup raised $16,000 for a local Cochrane charity and $110,000 for long term partner, the Children’s Wish Foundation, which will make dreams come true for 11 kids in need.

“I started out as a volunteer at Kimmett Cup and was blown away by the event. The second I met the organizers I knew they were very special, and wondered how I could possibly work with them,” explained Elisha Jackson Manager of Resource Development, Children’s Wish Foundation.

“The amount of happiness that will bring to 11 children with life threatening illnesses is remarkable!

The organizers and Kimmett family care deeply about our wish children… I honestly can’t say enough about this partnership,” said Jackson.

A portion of this year’s proceeds, $16,000 to be exact, was also donated to the local Cochrane organization: Helping Families Handle Cancer.

“Our program acts as a relief fund for families who are out of options and have been impacted financially by their child’s illness,”explained HFHC’s Executive Director, Carie Stock. “Because of the Kimmett Cup, these families will have one less stress and more valuable time with their little ones.”

Building a legacy

When asked what the most challenging aspect of putting the tournament together, both Baserman and MacLellan replied with an unexpected answer.

“A challenge is always finding the right balance between participating as a player versus managing the activities as a co-chair,” says Baserman.

Certainly not the worst challenge when planning an event.

“Because of the Kimmett Cup, these families will have one less stress and more valuable time with their little ones.” 

Even though MacLellan estimates he donates about 250 hours of personal time a year—in addition to working as an emergency medicine physician—he’s not ready to relay his responsibilities.

“The truth is I have no intention of passing anything off to anybody. I just have so much fun organizing it. I’ve met so many great people over the past eight years… getting to spend time with these people and remember and build Lindsay’s Legacy is really important to me.”

Baserman adds, “They [Lindsay, her community, and her family] drive us to continue doing what we do and together we are accomplishing great goals for those in need of hope and support near and far.

It’s a labour of love.”

5 ways to support Lindsay’s legacy:

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