Hobblit: Learn an exciting new hobby and connect with local experts in the Calgary Region

by • August 24, 2016 • Community, Economy

By Deborah Mebude, Content Contributor

Whether you’re searching for a new skill to impress your trendy friends, or on the lookout for a fun activity for your next date night, a fresh start-up provides a platform to connect you with local experts.  

Sam Chow, a PhD student from the University of Calgary is the man behind “Hobblit”, a name coined from the idea of exploring “a little bit of a hobby”. 

The platform serves as an avenue for people interested in picking up new skills, and has taken off in the Calgary Region.

“There are all sorts of people in any city who are interested in niche things.” 


Hobblit logo

Find a new experience 

Hobblit provides a variety of fun activities, giving you the opportunity to rediscover your city.

These include but not limited to:

  • River surfing 
  • Beer brewing 
  • Gelato making 
  • Pasta from scratch 
  • Glass blowing 
  • Coffee roasting 


Unique experiences taught by local experts 

It all started with a small idea in the hands of a creative, entrepreneurial mind.

Chow was on a trip to Norway when he snapped some disappointing pictures.

He returned to Calgary determined to take his photography skills to the next level, but needed help getting there.

“I wanted to meet somebody who could teach me what they were doing.” 

So he took to Kijiji, where he reached out to a local photographer. 

“I said ‘Hey, I like your stuff. Can you take me around and show me what you do? I’ll pay you per hour.’  

He was ecstatic. He was making money, but I don’t think the money was his driver, he was so into it.” 

This concept struck a cord, and it wasn’t long before Hobblit was born. 

“I identified that people who are passionate, love teaching what they love doing.”  


Sharing your hobby with others

Think you have a hobby worth sharing?

Hobblit provides a platform that allows you to create, manage, and monetize your passions.

“More and more people are accepting of the idea of taking a class from someone who isn’t a ‘professional’.”

“We’re slowly realizing that you don’t need a title. You don’t need a degree.”

What the platform provides, Chow believes, is a refreshing learning approach that values knack over technical know-how.   

The Hobblit creators believe that everyone has something to share.

“Anybody who puts in time has knowledge, and that’s what we should be measuring our experience on.”


Get creative and explore the Calgary Region 

Hobblit home page

 Offering classes in everything from pottery to 3D printing, this platform allows you to get creative in your own backyard. 

As for the Calgary Region?

Initiatives like Hobblit promote accessibility and connectivity, allowing the average citizen to:

  • expand their expertise,
  • share their knowledge, and
  • engage with all kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds.


Car sharing, home sharing, now skills sharing 

With a similar model to the rapidly growing AirBnB and Uber companies, this new community based on sharing is quickly revolutionizing how people in metropolitan areas think of industry. 

“It’s a move from formal to informal,” says Chow.

Chow sees these services as vital for regions moving forward.  

What’s cool about it is it’s such a disruption to the current model. This concept gives you autonomy.” 

“It’s a philosophy that I really like,” adds Chow.  

“I think it’s the future.” 


Cool, calm, and connected

Hobblit founder

What Chow thinks is so significant about the approach, is the emphasis it places on person-to-person interacting, particularly in our increasingly digital landscape. 

“My problem with learning online is it’s a one-way conversation.”   

“I enjoy the experience of sitting down with someone and learning what they do. It’s so much more engaging than sitting in front of a computer screen.” 

Chow says that Hobblit is perfect for those who enjoy trying new things and connecting with likeminded people, and he’s excited to see where it goes moving forward. 

“It’s something new, and it’s unique.”

“There’s more and more people pursuing what they love doing, and they get good at it!” 

What about you? Interested in exploring a new hobby? Have skills you’d like to share? Check out Hobblit.com


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