Painting project this summer? Go green and save some money

by • August 7, 2014 • Environment

By Margie Analise, Content Contributor

As much as you want to be environmentally conscious, it’s not always easy.  Sometimes it can take extra time or effort and maybe that’s enough to thwart your good intentions.

But what if there were two super easy ways that you could make a diverse positive environmental impact and save money with something you already do?

There are, and we’re about to spill the beans on just how easy it can be for you to make a difference and feel good about it!

Buy recycled paint

Maybe you didn’t know such a thing existed, but Calibre Environmental, a proudly Calgarian company, is a forerunner in a new environmentally twist on paint!

Recycled Paint

Calibre developed EcoCoat – a 100% recycled paint, and according to company president, Shayne Butcher, the primary purpose of recycled paint is to help prevent the virgin manufacturing process of creating new paint.  Why?

Because making just one gallon of virgin (new) paint:

  • creates around 115 lbs of greenhouse gases that get emitted into the atmosphere
  • takes about 150 kilowatts of energy
  • uses 9 gallons of fresh water!  Yikes!

Calibre collects post consumer paint, recycles it, puts it through rigorous quality testing and filters, repackages it and sells it in a variety of sizes – even a 2.5 gallon can – just the right size for 12’ x 10’ room with 9 foot ceilings.(Finally, no more having to buy more than you need!)

Not only is recycled paint much better for the environment, it’s also about half the cost of low-lustre virgin latex paint!

It’s even self-priming and interior/exterior paint, saving you an extra step of work, money and those extra chemicals!

It’s easy to see how far reaching the benefits of using recycled paint are and how it helps the environment; from using far less energy and resources, to using almost no water compared to what it takes to manufacture and distribute new paint.

It’s an easy way to make a difference, save money and make your home (or your next painting project) look awesome!

Recycle your old paint

Did you know that chemicals from paints incinerated or thrown into the landfill can end up polluting the environment?

And why hang onto those old cans that are just taking up space under the basement stairs or in the shed?  Why not recycle them instead!

According to Alberta Recycling, Albertans have recycled their paint in huge numbers – over eleven million litres of leftover and unwanted paint and counting!

Now you can add to that number!

With over 350 paint collection sites throughout Alberta (seven in Calgary alone), recycling is a snap!  Just drop your old paint off at a local depot and you’ve completed step one of making a difference for the environment!   This isn’t just for commercial or trade painters – this is for individuals just like you too!

Learn more and find a collection site near you at Alberta’s Recycling’s Paint Recycling Program.

With these two tips, it really is easy it is for you make a difference doing something great for the environment. You can even save some money in the process!  Now there’s something to feel good about!

Margie Analise is an advocates of all things cultural and cool.


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