Roots 2 Stem: Teaching and growing future leaders in the Calgary Region today

by • September 21, 2016 • Economy

By: Matt Beauchamp, Content Contributor

It’s been clear for decades the future of education and our workforce lies in teaching children about technology.

Especially in the areas of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

That’s what makes educational institutions like Roots 2 STEM so valuable.

Through innovative and creative hands-on learning, Roots 2 STEM inspires and empowers future global scientist, technologists and engineers.

It’s about building the passion for STEM and STEAM (A is for art).


Inspiring youth to tackle global issues


The term STEM originates from a Unesco initiative recognizing the need to use human ingenuity to solve tough global challenges through science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

To have creative solutions to the world problems, youth must be inspired to choose engineering or science as a career.

Making that choice depends on access to the necessary STEM curriculum.

“Roots 2 STEM is an educational oasis that inspires youth and shares the passion of STEM through innovative, hands-on, year-round learning,” said Director of Community Engagement, Robert Toth.

“With small class sizes and professional engineering instructors and mentors, we provide a supportive environment where youth gain problem solving abilities as well as real-world experiences learning engineering principles. Budding scientists (6-18 years old) have access to a deep knowledge base from coaches and mentors, plus state-of-the-art equipment including robotics, 3D design printing, laser cutters and much more.

“Roots 2 STEM offers year-round study programs, summer camps, in-school education programs, and field trip class visits to our 4,000 sq.ft. laboratory.”


Programs for both youth and adults


While the bulk of the programs offered at Roots 2 STEM are for youth aged 6-18, they also offer adult programs through team building and corporate events.

The programs offered at Roots 2 STEM focuses on many exciting areas, like:

Electrical engineering

Introduction to Electrical Engineering provides an understanding of electricity, electronic components and circuits using test equipment and tools.

Students will build projects and learn design and troubleshooting techniques.

Renewable energy

Introduction to Renewable Energy covers areas including

  • voltaic panels
  • solar thermal panels
  • hydrogen fuel cells
  • thermo electric generators and
  • wind generation

Students will build projects and learn design and conservation techniques.

Civil Engineering

Introduction to Civil Engineering provides an understanding of civil structures, planning, mapping and navigation systems.

Students will build projects and learn global positioning system navigation.

Chemical Engineering

Introduction to Chemical Engineering provides an understanding of how chemicals are used in everyday life.

Students will build projects and learn about water purification, processed food and plastics.


Aerospace Engineering

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering will provide an understanding of:

  • flight
  • aircraft and spacecraft design
  • astronaut training and
  • flight simulators

Students will build projects and learn flying techniques.

Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering provides an understanding of:

  • static structures
  • machines
  • thermo dynamics and
  • fluid dynamics

Students will build projects and learn design techniques.

Mechatronics (Robotics)

Mechatronic Engineering will provide an introduction to robotics that includes:

  • mechanical structures
  • servo motors, actuators
  • video systems and
  • other components

Students will program components, build projects and learn to integrate systems.


Get Involved

To get involved with Roots 2 STEM you can participate in classes, mentor and coach students, volunteer your time towards advancing the cause.

Or you may donate either individually or as a corporation through sponsorship. More information can be found on the

More information can be found on the Roots 2 Stem website.

Have you or your children been involved in Roots 2 Stem program?

Matt Beauchamp is a Calgary writer and owner of MRB Ink.

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