Get to know the Calgary Regional Partnership: Meet Kelly Learned

by • July 17, 2013 • Calgary Metropolitan Plan, Team

This is the first of several “Vineterviews” that we will be doing over the summer to introduce the team at the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP).  Please meet Kelly Learned, CRP’s Regional Planning Lead. Take a look at what Kelly plans on doing this summer.

Kelly Learned is a registered professional with the Canadian Institute of Planners, and she has been fortunate to have spent the past decade working on unique planning projects across Alberta. She now works for the Calgary Regional Partnership.

Her role with the CRP has allowed her to be involved in the Calgary Metropolitan Plan amendment process, the CMP Performance Indicators project, and she is spearheading the Regional Food Strategy in the near future.

Kelly’s lighthearted attitude and quirky sense of humour are what make her so enjoyable to be around. Don’t be fooled by her size, this woman is larger than life!

Fun fact about Kelly: she grew up in a farming town three miles from the second saltiest lake in the world. As the t-shirts say, ‘Even a goat can float at Manitou Beach!’” (She’s a proud Saski and staunch Riders fan…although not according to this photo)

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